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About Us

Humble beginnings: 

It takes that "certain something" to grow a business from one desk in the basement into the leading RV Insurance agency in the industry. When John C. Miller started Miller Insurance in 1983, he drew not only on his experience as Vice President of a large trucking firm, but on his ambition and love for RVing. From his home in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Miller began to secure relationships with major carriers in the insurance industry. As the business grew, Miller recognized a need for RV-specific insurance. "It takes an RVer to know an RVer," Miller said, so he focused his agency on RV insurance - taking into consideration RV equipment, value, uses and the owner's lifestyle.


Taking Action: 

Miller continued to enjoy his RV lifestyle (and his own retirement), while filling his files with new customers and traveling to RV rallies across the country, providing a much-needed education to RV owners. Throughout the growth of Miller Insurance, several key traits have remained: honesty, straight words, approachability and understanding. Miller provided straightforward answers to common RVer questions like, "What works with my RV's policy? What doesn't? What if I am full time in my RV, or just seasonal? What difference does that make for my insurance plan?" Miller built a company that provided the answers to those questions. A love for the industry, the people, and the lifestyle fed the company as it grew to the top - all the while maintaining a personal relationship with each client. 



As Miller Insurance Agency established itself in the industry, Miller hired his son and two daughters, expanding the agency's offering in response to growing customer needs. As clients asked for more services, Miller partnered with carriers that understand the RV lifestyle, adding policies and carriers to include towed vehicles (autos), recreational equipment and homes. This growth allowed the agency to better handle the individual needs of its clients. The company's advancement to a full service agency brought clients a comprehensive insurance plan that would reflect their lifestyle and better protect them. The agency's credibility and respectability was solidly established with the best carriers, bringing together the services and the people Miller Insurance Agency understood so well. 

Stability & Service: 

Miller Insurance Agency recognizes that when you retire, you've worked hard for everything you have. You need to know that your dreams and assets are being protected. An outstanding level of customer service is the agency's central focus; getting to know their customers on a personal level, creating an open dialogue and asking and answering questions ensures that each policy is sufficient. Representatives strive to understand each individual's needs, provide choices, and build a plan that works, so each customer can rest assured that they are protected. 

And Now: 

John Miller always said, "There's no free lunch. If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is." Miller Insurance provides competitive products and pricing, outstanding service, and over 40 years' experience as a licensed provider across the country. "We offer education, rock-solid understanding of policies, coverage of your vehicles, and a comprehensive set of services to optimize your insurance requirements." Says Cheryl Howarth, John's daughter and Miller Insurance President. You'll see Cheryl and her sister Debbie together at RV rallies as they make connections with the community and strive to constantly expand the agency's services across the country. "We want you to have a home here at Miller RV Insurance," she says. "And then, head out to anywhere! Go live the adventure!" 

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